Lakeview Lodges – General Overview & frequently asked questions

How much does a holiday lodge cost at Lakeview Manor?

This entirely depends on the size and specification of your chosen lodge. As a guideline, the smallest standard specification lodges will be around £155,000 and the largest premium specification lodges could go up to £300,000. The more typical lodges will cost between £165,000 and £195,000.

What does the price of our lodge include?

The price you pay includes the cost of the lodge itself, together with the right to keep it on your chosen plot at Lakeview Manor for 125 years. The lodge comes fully furnished, including carpets, curtains, kitchen appliances, light fittings, lounge furniture and bedroom furniture. In addition, we are also including up to £12,000 of free decking, together with free transport and siting of your lodge.

What legal documents are involved in buying a lodge?

There are two main documents. Firstly, there is a purchase agreement for the lodge itself. Secondly, there is a separate licence agreement entitling you to place your lodge on your chosen plot for up to 125 years. Both agreements are based on templates provided by the BH&HPA (British Holiday & Home Parks Association).

How do I go about buying a lodge at Lakeview Manor?

Once you’ve decided to purchase a lodge the first step is to secure your preferred plot with a £2,000 deposit. Then you will decide on the manufacturer and lodge model, visit their premises and specify the layout and design to suit your needs. Once that is done you confirm your order with a further deposit of 50% of the final cost. The balance becomes due 7 days before your lodge is sited. This process generally takes around 3 to 4 months to complete from deciding to go ahead to your lodge arriving on site.

Can I live in my holiday home?

No. The park is licensed as a holiday park and cannot be used as a permanent residential home. You must have a permanent residence elsewhere in the UK/EEC.

Is the park open all year?

Yes, the park and hotel are open 12 months of the year.

How long can I keep my holiday home on site for?

When you purchase your holiday home you will also have a licence to keep your holiday home on your chosen plot for 125 years.

What are the site fees?

The site fees for 2018 are £2,950 per annum including VAT for a lodge. Site fees are payable in advance at the beginning of the year. There is no Council Tax to pay.

Are these fees likely to increase?

Site fees will be revised each year and are likely to be in line with inflation.

What is covered by the site fees?

The site fees cover all aspects of the park’s maintenance, upkeep, repairs and refuse collection. This also includes an element of business rates in place of Council Tax.